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About the Team

Our specialist Neurological Physiotherapy team provides comprehensive assessment and treatment plans for individuals who have complex neurological rehabilitation needs.

We provide highly specialised assessment and rehabilitation to people of all ages and who have complex neurological conditions including MSK issues relating to their neurological condition.

We are specialists in the field of acquired brain injury, aquatic physiotherapy, MSK related issues, and stroke, and strongly believe in the approach of “Move well, get well”.

We are focused on providing specialist treatment plans in order to work towards the client’s goals and ultimately the best quality of life.

Reddy Boddu

Reddy Boddu


Clinical experience

In addition to his independent work, Reddy works as a Physiotherapist for the NHS in the West Midlands. He has more than 16 years of experience in A&E, AMU, acute Stroke, brain injury, Orthopaedics, Neurology, and Medical wards. Within the community, he has experience in Falls, ESD ( Early supported discharge), community Stroke and Neurology teams with specialist skills in Neurology, Stroke, and Musculoskeletal conditions.

He has gained national recognition for being part of a pilot project within the West Midlands called OBI (Own Bed Instead)  which was one of the first virtual wards in the community to reduce the pressure on  A&E. Reddy appeared on ITV news central in 2015 representing this project.

Reddy has special interests in Biomechanics and is currently training to be an MSK Sonographer.


Neurological physiotherapy with adults, community rehab, biomechanics, stroke, and acquired brain injury.

Geographical area

Reddy covers and is based in the Midlands.

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