About us

The Neuro Rehab Group (NRG) is a collaboration of four successful therapy companies with a shared vision and core values.

Our vision is to provide highly specialised, yet cost-effective, interdisciplinary assessment and rehabilitation to people of all ages who have sustained a brain injury. Driven by our client’s goals, we will clearly demonstrate progress over an agreed timescale.

At the heart of NRG are our core values:

  • We celebrate with you as you achieve each step taken on your rehab journey.
  • We bring energy and we’re a dynamic team, who are focussed on breaking down the barriers to support you through the journey ahead.
  • We understand that a person is not an island, but connected at multiple levels. Therefore, effective communication within the system can be key to bringing about positive change.
  • NRG provides a service that is about you. We will work in partnership with you to achieve the goals that are meaningful to you.

What makes us different?

NRG’s unique collaboration allows us to remain completely independent. We will remain completely independent of one another and retain our own autonomy. However, we value and respect one another’s approach and for that reason, we have come together to offer clients an interdisciplinary service and a shared way of working with proven positive results.

We believe in functional goals which are set in collaboration with the client and their families. Functional goals are meaningful and once completed the client has a sense of achievement and can reflect on their success.

We can apply our varied experience, positive outlook, and problem-solving approach to support people to achieve functional goals that improve their quality of life.

How do we work?

  • We are led by the client, to set functional goals and agree on how progress will be measured.
  • We share information and communicate clearly to ensure a collaborative approach.
  • We take an energetic and creative approach that is flexible to the client’s changing needs.
  • We follow through on agreements and promises we make and keep those involved updated if things change.
  • We are upfront and transparent about our costs.
  • We are prepared to step back if priorities change.
  • We are experienced in managing challenging behaviour. We take a non-judgemental approach to understand the behaviour and how distressing it can be for all involved.